When a US SME is attempting to discover who influences who in a particular medical sector in a particular country, and if earlier rather than indeterminate adopters of new treatments or procedures is the US SME’s goal, it behooves US SME management to consider formally drawing those types of thought leaders/physician Key Opinion Leaders into its foreign market entry process. In addition to the KOL’s that SPAP already has within its international networks, since the US SME cannot afford an experienced, hi-end, researcher who has an unlimited budget to consistently and credibly conduct research surveys with international physicians, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists, medical resident students and patients re who the rising medical stars are in particular countries, SPAP has put together a Thought Leader/KOL Questionnaire. This Questionnaire can be considered by the US SME as a foundational, interview template to help in the vetting process of foreign KOL prospects.