After the a US SME fills out on the Contact Us page, I then ask them to move on to the more detailed feedback generated from going through the ERRRQ. If it shows that the US SME does not presently have the Export Readiness (ER) or Rep Readiness (RR) bandwidth to support the export process across multiple dozens of countries, has no experience working with professional reps or experience in how to sufficiently support the rep and the foreign customer networks, this more practical, stripped down, rep/advising service model would instead be limited to 1-3 chosen countries whose population is below 30 million people.

If the US SME already has in place a scaled down Objectives & Key Results (OKR’s)* system for the domestic market, to eliminate the mindset that foreign sales is an alien concept the goal would be to impose the same discipline and consensus and then graft and integrate into it an international, confidence-building process that builds awareness, makes export and rep knowledge-management operational and interweaves these news skills into reusable practices that the principal and its staff can then use to systematically go after additional foreign customers in foreign countries by themselves. In this investment plan model the manufacturer would pay SPAP a first of every month, monthly, market development fee for one (1) year. At the conclusion of that 1 year contract, the monthly, market development fee would end and both parties can decide if they would like to renew it for another, new set of 1-3 countries or even enlarge the scale of countries the principal would like to have the opportunity to have his or her products or services distributed in.

Since this is an introductory, get your feet wet type of specialized, step-in, step-down, one year international Market Access Rep/Advisor Model contract, there are No optional, add-on, input services.


  • A streamlined, international, market development
  • Market development fees
  • No Optional, add-on, input services
  • No Commercial intelligence collection management options
  • International extension of Objectives & Key Results (OKR’s) program
  • 1 year contract